Why Your Chemical Processing Company’s Safety Record Matters

Why Your Chemical Processing Company's Safety Record Matters

We’ve all heard the sayings, “Safety first!” and “It’s better to be safe than sorry!” Safety should always a priority in our lives, but what does “safety” actually encompass when it comes to the chemical processing industry? And how important is it to evaluate the safety record of chemical processing companies?

A company that has an impressive safety record speaks for more than just its reliability. When it comes to the chemical processing industry, safety is of the utmost importance. When chemicals are misused or handled incorrectly, it can endanger human health and the environment. In the chemical industry, it’s important to have safety regulations that minimize risk by:

  • Abiding by industry standards and guidelines
  • Evaluating potential risks within processes
  • Training workers in health and safety regulations
  • Preparing for accident scenarios and establishing safety systems
  • Implementing emergency plans for potentially hazardous situations

Why Safety In Chemical Processing Matters

Protecting People

Safety and health regulations should always prioritize people first. This includes the employees that run operations and handle the equipment and materials being used, as well as consumers who come into contact with the end product. Chemical processing involves a lot of detail and attention. It’s important for companies to offer proper training so that employees know what materials they are handling and how to properly handle them. When health and safety are disregarded, it can end up hurting a lot of people in the forms of fatalities, illnesses, and injuries.

Being Environmentally Conscious

Positive environmental effects are a side effect of companies being conscious of their safety standards and regulations. Minimizing the chances of hazardous accidents prevents the likelihood of having to spend time and money cleaning up or wasting materials. It also keeps the air and water quality safe for human health.

Reducing Company Costs

By investing in workplace safety, protecting workers and consumers, and being environmentally conscious, companies can save themselves from a lot of unnecessary spending. Companies can reduce costs in many areas, including lowering possible medical expenses for their workers, avoiding OSHA penalty costs, and reducing accident and clean-up costs. Additionally, safety regulations can improve a company’s efficiency and productivity, which can also improve profit margins.

Howard Industries Values Safety

At the time that this post is published, Howard Industries is going on 23 months without a single lost time accident. As you can imagine, a company that has a high regard for its safety is one that pays attention to many details. When your chemical processing company puts safety first, you can feel confident that no corners are being cut, people are being protected, and processes are being run efficiently.

With over 53 years of experience, Howard Industries knows a thing or two about safety and responsibility. No matter the need—whether it be blending, mixing, drying, or packaging—we make sure to get it done the right way every time. With safety in mind, we are able to offer quick turnaround times through our refined processes, no matter the job. Contact Howard Industries today to see how we can help you with your chemical toll processing needs!