Chemical Processing: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is “Chemical Toll Processing”?

Providing a particular processing service of chemical materials for a fee.

What are the advantages of “toll processing”?

It moves the processing cost center out of the OEM and into a company with specific processing equipment in place, and the expertise to oversee the processing.

Why should I choose Howard Industries for my chemical toll processing needs?

HI is a very cost-effective and flexible company that produces quality processed chemicals on time.

What industries do you sell or specialize in? / I don’t see my specific industry listed. Can you still help me?

HI will entertain all potential customers, and after a detailed discussion will determine whether or not they can be of assistance.

What are your office hours?

Core hours are 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and are expandable to a 24 hour work day as the workload demands.

Does Howard Industries sell their own products?

No. HI provides processing services for our customer’s materials.

What certifications do your facilities have? / Are your facilities ISO 9001 certified?

HI facilities are not ISO 9001 certified, but we have begun the process of becoming certified.

I am interested in selling a particular product, but don’t have a formula. Can Howard Industries help with that?

HI has a Ph.D. chemist on staff and a wealth of experience with many processes that are available to assist customers in need.

Would you be prepared to buy capital equipment to meet a client’s processing needs?

HI will buy capital equipment to meet a customer’s processing needs if the business volume and margins are large enough to support a reasonable ROI.

How much do your services cost?

HI services range from pennies to dollars per pound, or often a flat fee depending upon the services provided.

Chemical Processing Questions

Does the toll manufacturer provide raw materials or do I?

Generally, the customer provides the raw materials, but exceptions have been made.

What types of materials do you process?

HI’s core business is in the processing of solid, chemical-based materials, but occasionally liquid mixtures are considered.

Are there any limitations on the size of feed materials?

Different services require certain limitations on the size of feed materials, please call to discuss your application.

What particle size can you grind to? / How is particle size measured?

HI can provide particle sizes as low as 10 microns, which is measured using a laser diffraction-based particle size analyzer.

Do I need to worry about regulations compliance?

HI complies with all OSHA and DOT regulations as a matter of doing business.

Will my formula be safe? / Does Howard Industries sign confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure forms?

HI will sign either confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure forms as required by the customer.

Is there a list of chemicals or materials that you do not blend or handle?

There is no particular list, but we do not process super oxidizers or highly flammable materials, or materials that have noxious odors or produce highly explosive dust.

What are your safety and regulatory standards?

HI has an in-house Safety Manual and follows all OSHA regulations.

How do you keep materials contamination free?

HI thoroughly cleans and inspects all equipment involved prior to toll processing of different material.

Can you perform batch processing?

HI performs batch processing on a daily basis and can supply batch processing records for any process upon request.

What is your minimum order quantity for processing?

HI has no minimum order for processing but understands that small volume services will have a higher fee per unit volume than larger volumes.

Can you purchase raw materials in addition to manufacture them?

Generally, we do not, call to discuss your particular application.

Can you offer smaller runs and test batching?

HI does offer a lab batch size test run for certain services.

What can I expect the losses to be?

Losses vary depending on the service rendered, but in general are within industry standards.

Shipping Questions

What are your dock hours?

7am-3pm Monday-Friday.

Where does Howard Industries ship products?

Most of our freight is handled by the customer in and out of the warehouse. We can aid shipping within the US.

When does Howard Industries deliver products?

Customer controlled.

What are normal lead times to have my products shipped?

2 weeks.

Do you ship to individuals or non-business addresses?

UPS small packages under 150lbs.

Do you ship outside of the continental United States?

Freight is customer arranged only. UPS small package to Canada.

What type of packaging is available?

Bulk Bags, Gaylord boxes, drums, multiwall valve and open top paper bags, poly liners and UN rated packaging for hazardous materials when needed.

Do you offer label design assistance?

Limited. We can create GHS labels or print from a PDF file provided by the customer.

Customer Support Questions

Who do I contact if I have a question or a problem?

Josh Basinger: email

Do you accept returned goods?

Only if the returned goods are out of specification that was agreed to at the outset of the project.