Environmental Stewardship & Environmentally Conscious Chemical Processing

Environmentally Conscious Chemical Processing

At Howard Industries, we are fully committed to our guarantee of environmental stewardship when it comes to our services. That’s why, today, we wanted to touch on what it means to be environmentally conscious in the chemical processing industry. To learn more about Howard Industries’ commitment to staying environmentally sound with every project we take on, contact us today!

What does it mean to show environmental stewardship in the chemical processing world? Chemical processes involve combinations of chemicals in order to produce many products for a variety of industries. As environmental concerns continue to be on the rise, and for good reason, it’s of the utmost importance for manufacturers to be more aware of how they can minimize the use of hazardous substances, as well as their negative effects toward the environment, while continuing to maximize their production processes.

Benefits of Green Chemistry

There are many benefits to staying environmentally conscious in chemical processing and manufacturing, including cleaner quality of air and water for human consumption, increased safety for workers in the chemical industry, and safer products for consumers to use.

Being environmentally conscious in chemical processing can also have economic benefits. Businesses are able to contribute to the development of sustainable ideas and products and provide more jobs. Efficiency in chemical processing allows for faster manufacturing, increased plant capacity, as well as more mindful use of resources. Not only does this reduce waste and the use of extra and unnecessary materials, but it also reduces costs while producing more product.

Solutions to Minimizing Negative Environmental Impacts

The main objectives in green chemistry are to protect both people and the environment. One of the best ways for chemical processing industries and companies to stay environmentally conscious is to institute preventative protection to minimize environmental harm and the need to “clean-up” afterward. It’s important to protect the people that handle any chemicals involved during processing and manufacturing, in addition to the consumers that end up using the final product. There are several factors manufacturers can keep in mind when being environmentally conscious in the chemical processing field. They can do this by:

  • Using renewable materials and energy sources as often as possible
  • Reducing toxicity in products by using safe and environmentally friendly materials and substances
  • Reducing or avoiding production waste and minimizing harmful emissions
  • Maximizing the use of raw material to create the end product
  • Creating energy efficient production processes
  • Avoiding accidents by improving safety regulations for handling chemicals
  • Reducing unnecessary derivatization in manufacturing methods that may require additional reagents or generate extra waste

Practical Examples of Environmentally Conscious Chemical Processing

Many examples of sustainable chemical processing involve developing safer chemicals that are just as effective as the ones they are replacing. The practical examples of green chemistry also include designing products that can degrade safely back into the environment once they no longer function. A few practical examples include:

  • Using biodegradable agents in chemical solutions, such as cleaning solutions, to reduce negative impacts on water systems
  • Replacing a percentage of volatile compounds in oil-based paints with natural materials to minimize the evaporation of toxic waste
  • Re-using agricultural waste to create biodegradable plastics and decreasing the amount of waste that goes into landfills
  • Optimizing chemical processes that produce less harmful waste when manufacturing pharmaceuticals
  • Using safer substances for chemical processes to minimize potential accidents, such as explosions and spills, for easier cleanup and less harmful environmental effects

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