Expert custom chemical processing

Howard Industries, INC.

Howard Industries, Inc. is a diverse, experienced leader in the custom chemical processing industry. We are dedicated to providing value priced, quality services which exceed our customers’ expectations.  Howard’s sales, customer service, and manufacturing teams work together to support a full range of core capabilities which include:

                                                      Agglomerating                                                         Drying

                                                      Dry blending                                                            Grinding

                                                      Liquid blending                                                       Milling

                                                      Contract manufacturing                                        Screening

                                                      Classifying                                                                Packaging

                                                      Crushing                                                                   Warehousing

Founded in 1964, with over 50 years of experience in the industry, our chemical processing services enhance the physical condition of your materials to improve your product or its ease of manufacturing.

 We help you manage costs with high-quality toll processing and contract manufacturing services which are responsive and efficient, as well as compliant with strict environmental and safety protocols.

Our innovation, engineering excellence, and process development acumen get you to market quickly. We offer turn-key services for processing and contract manufacturing. Combine several of our value priced services to process, package and ship your product for competitive cost savings of both time and money. We promise quick turn-around and timely delivery.

We are accessible and value integrity in open, honest communication. Whether you prefer phone calls, email, video conferencing or chatting on our website, you always have a knowledgeable person available with the information you need.

We are committed to our customers and stand behind our services. We guarantee:

                                                      Quality Production                                             Environmental Stewardship

                                                      Timely Delivery                                                  Open Communication

                                                      Customer Confidentiality                                 Innovation and Reliability             

                                                      Safety Compliance                                             Cost Effectiveness

Centrally located in Columbus Ohio, with our 100,000 square foot production facility off  Interstate 70 and directly on the Norfolk-Southern Rail line,  Howard is the innovative and reliable outsourcing option for all of your chemical processing and contract manufacturing needs.