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Over 54 years of experience

Industry Leaders

With more than 53 years of experience in chemical processing and contract manufacturing, we’re your one-stop shop for all of your bulk liquid and powder servicing needs.

We are experts

We strive to make your experience as simple as possible. We know how complicated sourcing materials, packaging and shipping can be. We can guide you in the right direction, and often take care of those items for you.

Engineering Excellence

When it comes to applying engineering systems, we are innovators. We will tailor our systems to your unique processing needs. 

Purveyors of Innovation

Engineering excellence, innovation, processing artistry and exceptional work ethic have enabled Howard Industries, Inc. to serve our customers for 53 years. Our primary strength in the toll processing industry is our innovation. 

Customer Success

We have years of experience in process development for new products & in the scale up of production volumes for early commercialization & market development.

We're here to help

We pride ourselves in our accessibility and our openness. You can communicate with us in a variety of ways, whether you prefer phone calls, email, video conferencing or you can simply chat directly with us on our website anytime! We’re here to help. 

Custom Chemical Processing

Leader in the custom chemical processing industry


  We agglomerate catalysts and ion-exchange materials, as well as organic and inorganic chemicals and compounds.
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We specialize in powder blending, including pharmaceutical, food additive, specialty and fine chemical, and polymer mixing
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With the ability to set up multiple decks on our screeners, we can separate your materials by size, all in the same step.
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Whether in paper bags, super-sacks, drums or boxes, our specialized equipment can de-mass caked, lumped or hardened material and restore it to free-flowing condition.
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We can dry fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, plastic powders, specialty food additives, temperature sensitive materials, natural materials and personal care products.
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Our liquid and dry high-intensity mixers enhance our blending capabilities. With multiple sizes, our processing capabilities can exceed 1,000 pounds an hour.
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From micron to 1/2" pieces, we have multiple mills to provide a wide range of size reduction services. We can mill almost any material from resins to fine and specialty chemicals.
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With 53 years of experience in packaging, we handle your bulk powder and liquid packaging needs. Our capabilities range from bags to super sacks, and pails to totes.
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With more than 100,000 square feet of working space, we have the ability to store your feed stock before processing and store your finished materials before shipping.
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Particle Size Analysis

We now have the resources and expertise to provide Particle Size Analysis for our customers. Particle size can have considerable importance in a number of industries—so contact us for your Particle Size Analysis needs today.
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